In polymer chemistry, polyols are compounds used together with isocyanates to make polyurethanes. EMEROX® is a polyol of biological origin.

(1)Flexible Foam is made from a reaction of two primary ingredients; isocyanate and polyol. The two are mixed together with water and a few additives. The reaction causes the increase in volume (2). The mixture is poured into a mould and takes the designed shape of the mould.

Unfortunately, current technology limits the use of bio-based polyol (which itself has a 95% renewable-based content) to about 23%. Continuous research together with Emery will lead to an increase in this percentage over time. In any event, polyol constitutes about 67% of the ingredients of the end product.

No, foams made with EMEROX® Polyols from Emery Oleochemicals have the same stability characteristics over time as other polyurethanes. They can, however, be recycled at the end of the product's life.

The biobased component of the product has the same fire retardant properties as the petroleum-based component.